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HVAC Oxy Acetylene Torch Kit With Cutting Attachment 4400160

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4400160-Harris® Model 19-601-200A Port-A-Torch® Deluxe HVAC Light - Medium Duty Acetylene/Oxygen Brazing/Cutting/Welding Outfit CGA-200 With Handle Equipped FlashGuard® Check Valves


Torch handle 19-6A

Cutting attachment 36-2

Cutting tip 3690-0AC

Welding Mixer H16-2E

Welding tip sizes 23A090-3,1

601-15-200A Fuel gas regulator

601-80-540 Oxygen regulator

3/16" x 12' Hose AA R Acetylene

Carrying case, Shade 5 safety glasses & Ignitor